Unexpected Beauty

What is beauty? Is it a perfect image? Perhaps it is someone you know. Or it is someone you strive to be. The truth is nothing is forever beautiful. And, nothing is forever ugly. As humans, we can toddle between beautiful and ugly at the flick of an emotion. Some of the most beautiful humans are the worst at human connection. And, some of the ugliest people by opinion can be the most beautiful human out there.
What makes us beautiful?
It is not money. Though it makes life easy. It is not the deciding factor in beauty. It is not how many family and friends show up at your call. It is not a position in life. Nor anything materialistic. You cannot purchase more beauty for yourself or anyone else. You cannot create at, though you can be taught it.
Beauty contains so many hidden definitions. It is there as you humble yourself and realize you are not perfect. It is around you when you find yourself at the bottom of everything with nothing else to give. And, then, you stand. Beauty is that person who walked through hell to make it to the other side. The person who can admit they have faults. And, are willing to face the wrinkled noses and judgements to say they are here to make it right.


Beauty is something that comes from within. It is person who allows the elderly to enter before them. It is the person who buys the groceries for that struggling mother without needing acknowledgement. It is the person who despite the decision, chooses to stand with the weak rather than join in the back talking or negative bullying. It is the person who gives a dollar to the homeless. The list continues.


Each day, we all have an opportunity to be beautiful. It lies within our choices. We can choose better than we have before. We can be better people and share in the blessings that come from being a beautiful person. Or we can choose to engage in hate towards another. We can continue to feel justified in our stances and suffer whatever comes our way because of our negative choices. Yet, to be happy, we must choose a better route. We must opt into the beauty of being good rather than the temptation of being negative or mean.

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