Stay focused on your present

Just when you feel you have found justification in life over something negative, you find a reason to feel sorry for that same thing. Life reminds us how much we really do not have control of what experiences come our way. You strive to be a good person and reach for happiness; and when the bumps in the road come about, you hope you are repaired to take them without damage.

As you focus on yourself, you find peace in the things you cannot control. Your life is but a wondering mystery into the blank future. Your destination is unknown, for the most part. Your desire to end up better than you were the minute before.

And, then you look at your student loan debt….

Unfortunately, there are millions of people who suffer at the hands of student loan debts. No other situation can an 18 year find themselves responsible enough to debt their entire lives with an interest rate and larger than life balance; except in the case of tattoos, STDs, and student loans. Everything else is undo-able.

Try to to get too distracted when it comes to debts. They can feel like a pound of pressure weighing down upon your life. Keep focused on your main goals. There is nothing you can to stop the crony capitalistic, war like, collection antics of debt collectors. The only thing you can do is remember to stay in the present. A loan debt does not make you a bad person. A debt just means you have lived in the world and required funds to accomplish something. Or acquired it for the hope of accomplishing a goal – said all those who never graduated. It is not the final say in your happiness.

Say grounded. Remember to breathe. And, keep focused on your daily life. Nothing else matters. Tomorrow is not promised. Today is what you have. And, yesterday, that has gone.

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