Worst Moment Forgiveness


Do you know those people who want you to only be your worst moment in life? It is like they refuse to allow you to be fallible. They carry on a grudge against your worst moment. You could save a baby from drowning; capture a bomber; and save the world in the day and it would matter less to the person or people who want to remember your mistakes. Know someone or people like this?

There is a reason we have forgiveness practices. It is because there is no way to escape this life without making a mistake. Sure, some mistakes carry a heavier pain experience than others. No mistake is unforgivable when the person who committed the error is willing to accept ownership.

In life, we are going to make mistakes. We cannot get through a life without it. We are gong to be stupid at times and offend people. We are going to be misguided and anger people. It is going to happen where a person gets hurt by only our actions. And, so long as we are open to discussing and open to accepting responsibility for our actions, we can experience growth.

Every person is important. Some people attempt to make things bigger than they need to be. And, that is where you can only go as far as halfway. Any relationship worth having around you is one where both work 50/50. If you are always working 80/20 or even more, it is not a positive relationship, when it comes to friends and family. (When it comes to small children, we know the ratio is going to be 90/10. This is just for people who are holding you to your worst days or mistakes in life.) You don’t have to beg a person to forgive your error. That’s solely their journey through life.

If you have a person or a group of people unwilling to allow you to grow past a mistake, you don’t have to stay stuck in their small minded skewed view of the world. You can grow past them. You can accept the error of your ways on your own. And, you can grow past the mistake into a better person as having come from this mistake.

If you are the person who is holding another person or people to their worst moment, perhaps you need to work on forgiveness now. How? You do this by remembering your worst day or moment where you offended a person. (If you say you never have done this, I’m dropping the mic and walking off this stage; because you are unreachable.) Let’s think how it would feel if you were never able to make a mistake. If your life was constantly circling around your worst mistake. And, the people you hurt never allowed to make it right, would you feel incomplete? Certainly. You would feel the same as the person you are not allowing to move past their worst mistake again you. You are being a bully. And, we know you were not intending to become this when you feel wronged; but not allowing a person who is taking responsibility for their actions and acknowledging you were hurt in the process is being a bully. And, you can do better than that.

We all can.

Let’s start off today in a new direction. For those who have people they are not forgiving, begin the process of forgiving them. For those who have people who you are asking for forgiveness from, if they are willing talk it out. If they are not, cut the ties and move past them. It is a day for growing into a better person to become our happier selves. Today is about forgiveness and getting past stupid fights. Because, let’s face it, aside from murder, rape, and theft nothing is really that crazy you cannot forgive. Stop making yourself more important than you are.

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