Anything could happen…

At the core, we, humans, desire to be good. There are situations were this is in conflict; mental disorders, situations, interactions, etc. The goal of a lifetime is do the best you can with what you have been provided. And, if your best is just getting up and getting out of bed that is excellent. But, progress is how change is made.

You do not have to accept the situation you are in just because it is all that is available to you. You can work hard for change. You can test things out to find a new way to do this life of ours. You can start from a blank slate and see what works for your life.

This is how you progress into a state of just existing in your life to a life where you are actively engaged. Time is going to move with or without you. You can never go backwards in time. You are forced to move forward. And, with that progression comes growth for any who desire it.

Growth is the opportunities we allow ourselves to learn from our mistakes and victories to guide our future life into a place that yields the highest happiness. What is your life like today? Are you struggling with acceptance of things you feel you cannot change? Remember there is always a way, if there is a will. You cannot bring back the past; but, you can learn to look at it in a different light.

Engage yourself today.
Make today the best day.
And, remember to enjoy this ride.

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