If you live in a place where you are in denial, you are not able to begin on a different path. The first step in any change is honesty. You must be able to tell yourself the truth. Denial is your mind’s way of keeping you in the same place as it was previously. Since your mind is the closest thing to the animal world, its sole job is to keep you alive. It does this by keeping you in a repeating pattern. Since you survived the previous days, your mind tells you it is okay to do the same as before to keep yourself alive.

But, we all know what nasty habits we can pick up over time that are not healthy for us in the long run. Not exercising does more than lead to weight gain. It leads to disease and suffering. Too much exercise wears the body down and can lead to distress, as well. Also, not practicing a good diet leads to very much the same things as exercises. You gain weight. You find yourself facing serious diseases. And, eating too much of anything is just as bad. And, let us not even begin with the other things we do to ourselves like cigarettes and drugs. Where does it stop?

It stops when the person decides enough is enough. A person who is a drug addict does not stop using until they decide to stop. So, what’s the point of getting involved. Let them kill themselves, right? A person who has a food addiction is not going to stop eating until they are mentally ready to stop. And the list of negative things we do to ourselves continues until we decide we want a change.

Happiness cannot truly come to you or anyone until the decision to change is truly made. When you decide you have had enough suffering for your life, you instantly free yourself to do things differently. And, by that decision you allow yourself to experience happiness. There are always going to be days where you could give it all up, but those are few and far between when you free yourself from a negative habit to live a life where you are in control of your destination.

There is not much we can predict in life. The thought it could all change in a second is a gamble some people wish to dance around every day. They wish to live in state of denial until they are forced to change. But, that is not how this works. People only care enough to do so much. The change comes from you, and you alone. And, if you are not willing to begin with the first step of ending the lying, then you are truly unreachable. So, continue with your life. You are not happy. The change is there; but, it requires work. I dare you to try!

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