Goal Setting

We are all on different life paths. Sometimes our lives cross, and other times they separate. The more we can understand each other, the easier it is to find a common ground. As you continue on your path, you will start to find what works for you and what does not. It is all in how you feel. If something brings you a positive experience, you keep it around you. If it brings you negative, you work to remove it from your life (where possible).

We are not promised anymore than we receive. It is great to get lost in the ideas of one day having it all; but, if you are not willing to do the work to reach it – you will never get there. Dreaming big is a great beginning to an life goal. It is not the answer, nor the final step. You must be willing to wake up every day just to gain a single step towards the goal.

Nevermind the instant gratification. Think about the long term goal. You would rather gradually earn something rather than only have it for a small second in your lifetime. This is why you set goals. This is what dreams are about. You dream a goal. You set up realistic goals. Then, you work every day to reach the goals. And, one day, you enjoy the moment of reaching the end goal. That is what life is about. The experience of accomplishments.

What goals will you be setting today?

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