Humility does us all good



Life provides us with many different experiences. Some are wonderful. Some are terrible. Some we want to repeat over and over again. Others we want to move far way from them. It is inside our life experiences we gain humility. It is only through the negative experience of feeling mortal you find yourself able to connect to another walking on this planet. Through humility to realize you are not deserving of anything you do not work to bring into your life. Entitlement will only bring you pain int he end. Far we are all not able to outrun life.

What you do to another comes back to you in a way for you to experience it from their side. You may call this karma or just the act of life teaching you humility. You are not void of the ability to experience anything. It is a hope you do not ever have to know the deepest evils this world has to offer. It is a greater hope that you find love and happiness inside your life.

And, through humility you find yourself a better person for the experience. You can connect to others easier. You have the ability to be kinder. You find the ability to make better choices and inspire others to come back to good. You are blessed to have your life. And, through humility you can appreciate what you may take for granted on a daily basis.

It is the laughter of your family. Or the ability to live pain free. Or maybe it is just that you are able to do for yourself. You never know what another person hopes for in their mind. And, you never know how lucky you are until you that experience is removed from your life. Be grateful for the things you have now. There is always another day to work towards goals of obtaining other things. It is in the present where your kindness is required.

Be humble today and remember, we all have struggles.

Don’t add to somebody’s bad day, where possible.

Love each other. And, reach for your happiness. You deserve it.





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