Happiness preveils

When you are interacting with humans throughout your life, you have a chance to become offended or blessed. Each person who comes into your life carries the potential to be your best friend or worst enemy. As you grow closer, you find yourself in a position where you could be a part of someone’s happiness or fail them.

That is why in an argument there are more than one side to every story. The victor is not always the person who fights the strongest to gain an advantage. It is most of the time the person who is humbled enough to apologize. And through an apology comes the change to heal and forgive.

Yet, a person who is stuck in misery finds themselves in a place where they are unwilling to accept an apology or unwilling to forgive. Without forgiveness we can never grow. We are all human. We all make mistakes. And, through our learning we have the chance to find real happiness.

It is written to let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Removing the religious aspect of this statement to focus on the message, one can again a world of happiness by remembering none of us is above the other. We all are equal. We all have hopes, wants, desires, and goals out of life. And, we all mess up from time to time.

Today is about forgiveness. With forgiveness you are able to make room for happiness. Forgiveness leads to love, and love is the ultimate happiness we could ever have in life.

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