Living in fear


Fear is a constant. When you live in fear, you hold yourself in a state of suffering. You cannot grow where there is fear. You can only suffer. And, for any who suffer under its grasps, it never gives only takes. It robs you of comfort in your own home. It steals the precious hours you have for rest. It keeps you living on the edge. And, for what? The fear of something going negatively. Sounds so immature when you read it. Yet, it is something that keeps many people from knowing happiness and success in life.

You fear being fired, so you do not speak up when you know the company is moving into a place of negativity. You fear being the outcast when you see something that is wrong occurring, so you turn away from it. You never reach for your true passion because you fear failing. Fear of bugs, food, people, places, restraints, the list never ends. If you can think it, there is someone out there who fears it.

What is fear good for?

In the days where we lived in the wild, it protected us. Today, it only holds us back. The only way to get pass it, is to work at it every day. Every day, you expose yourself to the fear to retrain your brain to realize it is safe. After many days of exposure, you start to experience a shift. That shift comes from the understanding of the fear. It could be a loss of control that you experienced years back, that is coming out in a new way. Or it is something you picked up because when you did something A, something negative happened. And, your brain associated the two occurrences together.

Our minds are funny. When you start to feel like you have it all together, something snaps and you find yourself in another rabbit hole. It is through patience and desire anything is possible to being. You can conquer all, when you believe yourself deserving of it. Happiness is just the emotional experience of when you find answers to your darkest fears and come out stronger.

One thought on “Living in fear

  1. Fear is crippling. It is a black umbrella over you. You think it’s for protection but it’s actually blocking you from seeing what could be. Put the umbrella away and maybe wear a raincoat instead. 🙂

    Great post!

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