The other side of AHHHH

I imagine being in the middle of a tornado feelings very similar to being in the middle of a chaotic moment in your life. As you attempt to stand, the winds are blowing you over. When you get angry, the sounds of the storm mute your rage. The more you struggle to defend yourself the more it piles onto you. Just gust after gust after gust, until you broken and left for dead.

Then, it clears up and you are able to stand. The sky opens up to reveal its beautiful blue with a hint of a white. The sun shines brightly. The air is cool and energizing. You know you have survived and you are basking in the bliss of life. Everything seems brighter now. After fighting through hell, you can appreciate the beautiful gift life has to offer.



Once you have survived the chaos, you have a chance to scream out! AHHHHHHH! It is over! The shock of the mess has come and gone. Now you can return to a simpler moment where you can breathe. It is here when you find yourself on the other side of AHHHHH. And, that is a great place to be. You have no chaos to steal your emotions or attentions. No frantic calls. No tears and no pain. You just have calm.

And, that is not too bad after a walk in hell occurs. You do not need to seek happiness with anything at the moment. You simply need to breathe and take it inch by inch. And, if you desire to cry, have a cry. Do whatever you need to do to come back into the present. You are here only now. Nothing is happening. And, that is a great thing. Keep breathing. And, remember, nothing else going forwards is promised. But, you did survive this.





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