Over and Out


Our futures are great guesses in our present lives. We have no way of knowing what is coming in the next moments. We can only guess. In our guess, most times we are surprised. The gift of the future can be one we want or one we wish to return. We can believe our situation a curse or see it as an experience to get us to the next experience. Without negative we can never appreciate the good. If you only have positive experiences, you cannot understand who blessed you are. You will have nothing to relate to someone who is suffering. And, you will never understand what your true happiness is.

Life brings us gifts of opportunity all the time. But, how can you know when it is the right choice or one that is the wrong? The truth is often we have about a 50 percent margin. That is why you have to accept the choices you make. When an opportunity presents itself you weight the options and do the best you can with what you have been shown. If you make a bad choice, that is understandable. Move past it, and know another opportunity will come around. It just may not be when you need or want it to happen.

Through our experiences we gain knowledge. When we come into contact with a person who causes us misery, we learn to leave those types of personalities alone. Whenever we got to work for a company and it becomes the job from hell, we learn not to stay in positions similar. Without these experiences, we are not able to appreciate the gift of a good position or a good friendship. We would only see it as another piece in our life – like a material possess or a right. We would not respect the experience or person as a gift. This is why we have to experience good with bad or bad with good. It is only once the dust clears and our life becomes settled can we see how each negative experience helped us into becoming a better person.

You are meant to be somewhere. And, each experience is getting you closer to that place. Accept what you cannot control as a building block towards your tomorrow. Learn from your mistakes, and let the negative people go. There are good people and experiences waiting for you to welcome them in your life. But, you must go through a little bit of hell before you can realize how great their presence in your life really is.







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