Daily Goals To Achieve

We all have goals we desire to see happen in our lifetime. Yet, some of us never get close to accomplishing these said goals. Why so?  The honest truth is because we make excuses and put it off. When we think about our goals and what it will take to reach them, we get intimidated or exhausted. And, we put if off for another day.

“I’ll do it tomorrow…” Or “Next Monday, I will begin…”

It is not a lie at the time we say these things to ourselves; it only becomes a lie when the date arrives and we aren’t ready. When we put something off into the future, we are telling ourselves it is not a priority. It is a desire to have in our life; but, we are not ready to make the sacrifice (whatever this entails) to complete the necessary tasks to actually have it. We believe at some point in our future there will be an ideal time that will allow us to do this. Just not right now.

“I’m too tired today…” or “Today, was a rough day, I don’t feel like it right now…”

And, the cycle continues onward… It is never going to change. We will always have an excuse to remain in the same patterns of life, if we allow this to continue. There will never be a day we are fully energized to begin a new routine and keep it up. We will find a way to quit. Why? Because there is nothing stopping us. It feels easier to be lazy, than to work towards something. We want it to handed to us, not the aches and pains of working towards something.

Don’t believe it…Trying this:

Pick up a pen and pad or use your smart phone to jot down your day. Begin with what time you got out of bed this morning? Don’t cheat but saying what time your alarm was set; rather, lets start with the actual time your feet hit the floor. Then, throughout the day, look at what you do. What time are you scheduled to be at work? What time do you take lunch? Breaks? End your day at work? How long of a commute do you have to and from work? Write actual times not ones you believe. Sleep time, just write what time you got into bed to go to bed. Not the time you got into bed, and watched TV for an hour.

Got it…

Day two, is the time to think of a plan in the beginning of the day that can optimize your day. In order to do this correctly, you have to review what you did the previous day. And, then, you have to know what goals you are working towards. From there, you can begin a daily checks and balances to help you stay accountable for yourself. The goal is to stop making excuses of why you need another day to begin something you want to bring into your life. If you are too tired from your work to begin an exercise program in the evening, then do it in the morning. Maybe you don’t hit snooze on your alarm. On the commute to and from work you listen to an audio book that helps you gain an advantage in your field or desired field. After work and dinner, you try working on something you have always desired to do on your goal list.

Between the two days, you can see a difference, if you stayed honest with yourself. You will see there is actually more time in the day, than you ever thought. By creating a list and holding yourself accountable to the list, you can start to find your goal list growing shorter (relatively speaking) and your accomplishment list growing larger. This can help you to stop putting things off that you desire to have in your life. You don’t have to instantly become a fitness model; but, maybe just a beginner on the map of fitness. Maybe you aren’t a best selling author; but, you are a new writer. Whatever your desire, there is always a chance at obtaining a goal when you work at it daily.

Try it. Because you desire happiness as you see it.

You are work the investment.

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