A paradise of your own

Paradise by definition is different from how we refer to it in our present life. By definition, it relates to an intermediate place for the departed souls of the righteous awaiting resurrection. In our language, it is a piece of that place in real time. We seek this feeling while we are alive, and dead for that matter. But, death is not present. It is in our present life we seek to create a paradise for ourselves. We work hard to obtain retirement because we know that is where our paradise begins.

No more bosses telling us to do this or do that. No co-worker blabbing on about how great their life is. No friends calling to rub it in that their job is better than ours. It is just it a place we can look in our future where peace comes to our present. We get to throw our feet up and do nothing.

Oh until that day comes, right?

Have you ever talked to a person who has retired? They don’t seem to enjoy retirement quite the same as we imagine it will be. Most people who retire find themselves seeking work just to have something to do to pass their time. By national averages, they more than likely did not save the appropriate amount to secure their future. They worked and spent equally hard. Or life never quite cut them the breaks they had prayed for during their youth.

Life can do that to us all. It has a funny way of catching us off guard. The more the hope for the better in the future, the more chaos we are met with. We can try to save and plan for our end of days, but lights do not stay on without payment. Our current lives must be lived, and are we really to work and spend nothing! That is impossible.

How to stop the end from becoming your reality?

Start by limiting where you get your advise from. This may be hard, because habits are hard to change. But, you MUST do this. STOP getting your advise from people who have failed or equally match your skill level. A person who has the best knowledge is someone who has succeeded where you are currently struggling. A fitness coach can offer you the best advise on staying fit. A doctor offers you the best advise on illnesses. A financial adviser (with proven personal success) has the best experience for you to take advise from. A therapist or psychologist offers the best guidance to problems in your life.

A friend or family member is just helping you to hear what you want. They are not going to spend the time to tell you what they really think or their opinions are going to be jaded. If you are looking for advise to do better than them, you are going to find insecurities and jealousy hidden beneath their advise. If you are trying to change to be healthy, they are not going to stop you from grabbing that second cookie. They are going to ultimately give you advise to stay on the same track as you are currently on.

So, think about the kind of future you desire. And, think about the kind of life you are wanting to live. What will it require to obtain that? And, are you willing to do it now?

You deserve happiness.

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