Daily Prompt: Prudent

via Daily Prompt: Prudent

Prudent is what allows us to sacrifice earnings today, for the retirement we hope to have tomorrow. When you set intentions based in Prudence, you are thinking long term. And, that can get you where you would like to be, if you set up the correct investments. Prudent is not just about financial saving plans or stock options. It can be made to be about how you will feel about your life in the future. Do you expect to feel burdened all your life? Or are there things you could do today to ensure your freedom tomorrow?

Investing in education is an example. It stings financially to attend a college or trade school. There are assistance programs available; yet, the burden is still present. You may not have the time to go back to school, which is a burden. Or perhaps your focus is too much on bills or children. Then, there is the want. You may not want to go back to school or be in a trade. All factors to consider when looking at this option.

Investing in a healthy exercise routine can lead to a longer, happier, and healthier life in the future. If you find something that works to keep you motivated and doing it, that is the beginning to a life of healthy exercise. Perhaps, your time is a factor here, too. Or you don’t have the money to pay for the classes you really want. Want is another factor that keeps you from beginning something in this area.

What we are all guilty of is settling. We get into our daily lives and forget to think about the real future. If you never consider tomorrow, you will always be in the now. And, being in the now works to fulfill your current needs. It does nothing to change your future self. Start small, do what you can. You don’t need to enter a fitness competition in a week in order to be on the track towards a healthy exercise routine. You just need something doable for you right now. Investing in yourself today with small deposits will help the prudent you be happier and healthier.

You deserve happiness.

Now go get it!!!

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