Weekly Photo Challenge – Security

via Photo Challenge: Security


The room of a Schizoeffective Disorder Person, taken 2017.

Prior to this episode, this was a highly functioning individual, you would have wanted your daughter to date. He was a double major with a scholarship to a major university. He was funny and a good looking young man. Then, his mental illness struck. Still highly functioning, good-looking young man, just with an extra flavor of delusions and fear added to him.

To you, it is a disaster. To him, it was his security. It was his place, where his drawing protected him. He shattered anything that showed a reflection, so he was safe from the demon staring back at him. The clothes and other belongings were evil, so he destroyed him. He did not believe us when we told him he was sick. He continued to fight to be here in this room. We cleaned it up, and changed the locks, and he continued to come back.

It is a reminder to everyone that security is what your mind tells you to feel. It may not be based in reality. It may be a distortion from society. Or organized chaos. This is for those millions of family members who suffer in silence as they battle with their loved one. And, for those of who you are luck to not know this battle, this is a reminder of how secure your world really is.





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