Another day, another excuse

Does it not feel good when you accomplish a goal? It does. It makes you feel like you can do anything you put your mind too. It helps you find motivation for your next goal. And, you find a sense of pride in yourself. That is what setting goals is about – reaching them.

When you set goals impossible to reach, you add to the negativity. You pick away at your self-confidence. You find reasons not to look at person in the face. You cowered down more than stand tall when you are in public. You get frustrated at the smallest things. And, you find the smallest things to take personally. You involve yourself in matters not having anything to do with you. And, you cast judgments against others for their mistakes. You hold grudges and talk behind people’s backs.

When you come out of the negative state of operating and find confidence in yourself, you stop worrying about others. You stop having time to gossip about someone’s error. You focus on seeing the best in people. You find loving ways to bring happiness into people’s lives. You find your place in life. And, you concern yourself with the goals you are accomplishing and the experiences you are granted from those accomplishments.

That is happiness. That is how we are all supposed to live. It is not backstabbing, holding grudges, and never growing. It is meant to be fun and happy. The more pain we see our world in, the more we experience. The more confidence (not just fluffed confidence; but, real) we have, we see the world as a place where we are limitless. Anything is possible. And, we can do it!

So, today, is the day you begin with goals to bring confidence and happiness into your life. Start off with something you can do. It is not cheating if you say, GO TO WORK; because, to day is a weekday and you are going to work. It helps you to have a place to start. From there, you can add things you want on your life. You can add something you’ve been putting off; like, going for a walk after dinner. That is an accomplishment. Once you spend a day setting and accomplishing goals, you can map out a long term goal – like going back to school or getting that deserved vacation. It begins with now. And, ends when you have found your happiness!

You deserve happiness! We all do.

Let’s get too it!

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