Let Them off the Hook

Wherever there is a human relationship, there will be disagreements. The key is how to resolve them in the best way for each. Not everyone wants to resolve a disagreement, though. The elephant in the room seem to come out when a disagreements arise, don’t they? Characters and opinions are displayed in a truthful fashion during these times.

Perhaps they were never thought how to interact with others – failure to their parents and not your burden. Perhaps they lack the maturity to reach a resolution – that’s a situational issue, again not your burden. Perhaps their ego is too large and getting in the way of their logic – life will deal with this, not your place to change it. Perhaps they feel entitled – that’s ignorance and you cannot fix that. Perhaps they need the drama because they live a rather birthing life – that’s their problem, not something you have to keep participating in.

What you can do is let them off the hook. You don’t need to say anything to them. You simply decide in your mind to release that anger and let go of the agreement. Agree to disagree inside yourself and let it go. You will find a release of the hurt and anger inside yourself. And you will see that their issues are solely theirs. A person and only effect you when you allow them. Of course they have cunning abilities to shock you at their level of evil, but distance resolves that too.

You let them off the hook because happiness cannot be where anger and rage is. And you are deserving of happiness. You do not need to keep defending yourself against another for the rest of your life. You can recognize with or without that person your life continues. And when they are not there, you have space to invite better quality people inside your life. And trust, you are not the only person that other person has grudges against-

Stupid is as Stupid does…great words from the movie Forrest Gump.

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