Weekly photo challenge – Danger

Weekly photo challenge-Danger

I  knew just the photo to provide for this challenge. I had just drifted to sleep, when I heard ruffling around in my kitchen. My eyes shot open! I listened for a bit longer, more ruffling. I realized how helpless I was. No gun. No knife. Just me! I braced myself, turned on the stairway light, and prepared to face whatever was in the kitchen.

Much to my SURPRISE, I was a face looking up at me. I froze, grabbed my heart, and fell to the ground. See first image to get the idea of what I woke up too!

The second image is to help you see what you are looking for in the first.

Imagine my relief when my mother walked around the corner laughing at me. I told her, that is a cruel joke. And, a good way to get shot!

Never been more scared in my life.

My mom has too much free time!


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