You Never Know, Unless You Try

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What happens when you wait around for life to happen to you? Nothing. You can no experiences and you have many regrets. You cannot sit back and accept what life as offered you. You must try for some dream or goal in your lifetime. It may be a goal that is easily accomplished like going out to dinner with yourself. Or it may be something that will take many years to realize. It could be something you try and learn how much you don’t want it in your life. Or you sit back and listen to the naysayers telling you what is best for you.




Let share with you something I found useful in my life. When I was in fourth grade, I entered a writing competition called Young Author’s. I entered it by writing an essay on what veteran’s day meant to me. I wrote it with my mom helping me correct my grammar. Well, I won! And much to my dismay, I was invited to read my essay to the families and veterans at the war veterans home on Veteran’s day. I was one of four winners. I prepared as best I could with my limited knowledge of the world. I anxiously waited for the program to begin. I was introduced as the first reader. I took the stage and my heart jumped out of my body. There were over 300 people in the room; but, it could have been a million. I had to stand there, holding my paper, and reading my 1000 word essay. I had a good message to read. It was the reward of reading my paper to the large crowd that I loathed. I never entered another competition for writing again. What good was it to win a competition when the reward was public speaking?

This was an experience I had that changed my life. Ignoring the terrible experience of reading to a crowd, I learned I was good at pulling emotions from readers. I asked for a journal and I have never stopped writing since. It has been something I have learned to love. It was my escape when I was kept inside by the thunderstorms. It was my escape when things in my life were not going well. I could vent and create as I pleased. And, it has been the only thing I can do any time of any day without feeling obligated.

Where there is a positive experience comes a negative one. I have a want to be my own boss more than I can express in this passage. I have tried to own a restaurant, a house cleaning business, a marketing business, and a cupcake business. All of which burned out as quickly as they began, yielding no profits or earnings to report. The restaurant business failed because I was not prepared for the monies and energies it required. The cleaning business failed because, I AM A GERM-A-PHOBE, and people are NASTY! The marketing firm failed because I realized I was going to do 90% of the work for 50% of the profits. The cupcake business had the most potential to work. However, I did not have the time to invest. This being said, I have gained a lot of experience in understanding who I am and where I desire to be through my failures.

Without taking a chance, you can never have the understanding. There are many wants and desires that may not be best for us. Yet without experiencing them, we can only have regrets. We will never know what could be without trying something. There are endless possibilities when a person takes action and ownership in his/her life. When you sit around waiting for life to happen, it ticks away miserably slow.

Equally so, if you live your life based on other’s opinions you will only find misery. People are going to project things onto you, if you let them. The world will tell you what is expected of you, and you will suffer in the process. If it were not for those of us who have thought outside of the box, nothing would ever change or inventions would never become. It is from defining life according to one’s self that we find happiness. It is learning from our mistakes and striving to bring in positive situations more than just accepting life. It is not about sitting around waiting for life to happen. It is not about being lazy and watching time pass. Today is the day, you try for something bigger, better.

Whenever I am asked to sign one of my books, I always put: Think Big, Dream Bigger. I do this to remind myself that my dreams are worth accomplishing. Also, do this to remind the person receiving the autographed book that their dreams are worth working towards. If everyone came out of projecting opinions on others and living for their dreams, we would find a community of people working to make a difference towards the positive side of life. There is not a soul who is accomplishing their dreams that is negative about that accomplishment. We would find more pride and compassion towards others on their journeys. We would spend less time obsessing over Hollywood or politicians bad choices. We would have positive conversations and less pill driving requirements. It would be a true Utopian society.

Yet, the truth is most of us will never venture far enough outside our comfort zones to make any sort of change towards our happiness. We will complain about our shortcomings and make excuses for our can’ts. We will laugh at person who fails, rather than lift them up. We will chose to have an enemy rather than a friend. We will see the person for their faults and not their positive attributes. We will hang them by their convictions, rather than see them succeed. We will allow our jealousies to push them further down, rather than be a good friend. Why? We will do this because we want to continue to hide from the reality of our own failures.


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