Let it go!


        Letting go is hard when you feel wronged by an experience or by someone’s actions. From our parents’ mistakes to evil co-workers, we all have people we hold anger towards. Those feelings become our identity the more we hang onto them. We tell ourselves we are happy; yet, deep down inside we have pain and anger. Letting go is the best thing we can do to find true happiness.

People are not without mistakes. Sometimes we get wronged by someone by mistakes on their part. Other times we have taken personally our interpretations of the other person. We carelessly believe others to think and be like us. If we can see something was wrong; then, they should too. A terrible mistake on our part; because, it breeds anger and hate into our lives. The other person make experience some discomfort by your decision, certainly. The person most affected by this rationalization is US.

You may be holding on to a regret of something you do or did not do. That regret is another place where you are harboring negative energy. In order to find happiness, you must forgive yourself. The facts will always be there that you may or may believe you made a mistake. Yet, you cannot change anything that has happened. You can only move forwards. You can accept your role in that moment was not the wisest and find gratitude in having the chance to review it at a later date (now) with the goal of forgiveness in mind. You can release yourself from that burden.

Stop bullying others with your judgements. You were taught to act by your family and your community. Perhaps you were brought up feeling above many in your community, so you feel like an elitist in your adult life. Perhaps you struggled as a child and you feel threatened to lose any grounding as an adult. Maybe you were heavily restricted by religion and stern parenting, and you feel like rebelling in your adulthood. Or perhaps you felt abandoned and wronged by everyone and in your adult hood you have anger towards them. Whatever your background, it makes you who you are. Yet, it does not entitle you to be more than you are. You are human just as your neighbor is human. You breathe the same air, no matter your color, sex, or religion. You eat and expel waste the same as the next. The coloring is just what makes you unique, not separate. Get over yourself and your entitlements.

Inside a lifetime, you are going to find yourself hurt by or hurting someone. Your best line of defense to let it go as quickly as it happens. Do not harbor anger towards them. Do not keep it locked away. Keeping something holds you back. You begin to acquire feelings of insecurity around it. Then, your body builds a line of defense to protect it from being about to harm you – hardening, if you will. This is not going to lead you to happiness harboring regrets or emotional responses from another. Let it go. If a person dislikes you, that is their burden to carry. If a person hurts your feelings, move past it as quickly as you can. If a person does things you dislike, look past it. There are millions of examples of how we harbor ill feelings when it comes to others in our life. Just breathe it out and release it. Your happiness will thank you for it.

Food for thought:

  • When you are happy, does it matter that a person dislikes you? No.
  • Does it even matter that you made a mistake or two in your past? No.
  • Does it bother you if a person hangs on to an image of you at your worst, when you are at your best and happy in the present? No.

Therefore, it is easy to conclude, you are the only person standing in your way of your happiness.

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