Kindle Scout Campaign


There is a competition happening on Kindle Scout for anyone who has a book they are hanging onto. The work must be unpublished and submitted according to their guidelines.

I have submitted a book for the competition. Shamelessly, I would ask everyone to help me Simply by casting a nominating vote for my book. (You do have to have an amazon login to complete the voting. I say that for anyone who is not a member of amazon…Don’t worry, it is free to sign up for the others)

The series is a about a young woman who struggles to find herself in the midst of adversity. It is inspired after my mother who through it all has kept us at the center of her attention. She has wanted to provide a life for us better than what she experienced. She was heavily bullied in school and had to drop out with a GED. She did not let that stop her. With two small children she got a degree. She has never let us do without, even if it meant she had to go without. There is nothing like a mother’s love.

I hope you will help me while the campaign is running. It takes no time to help. Simply click below. Thank you!!!  Also, for anyone who submits their book and needs a nomination, let me know. I will happily support you.

Nominate Me Please

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