The Finish Line


Happiness is selfish. It is not your happiness, I concern myself with. It is my happiness. Why would I care if you are happy, if I am happy? The truth is most of us are too busy making excuses and being offended by things to occupy our boredom to keep from having to work towards something. You do not become great at something because you willed or wished it so. You become great at something because you put in work. What it takes to get yourself across the finish line to your happiness is work.

Yet, this is not how we see happiness. We want to believe happiness is just out of our reach. That we live in a bubble where it can rain down upon us because we wish it so. We walk around offending others and being offended by others and use that as our excuse to stay the same. This bubble had been given to you because of an idea that happened back in the ’60s, all you need is love.

How many people do you know who ever got anywhere with just LOVE?

Successful people are successful because they work at it. That means they suffer through the highs and lows. They get up each morning and do the necessary tasks to be the change they need to see to have the goals they desire. They are not separate species of humans than the rest of us. They are equally human as us. They have different priorities. While the rest of the population is sitting down to watch four hours of mindless television, they are reading a book, working out, playing with their children, or tackling a problem at the office. They don’t stop at the clock out of the work day.

This is how you become happy….you work. You figure out what needs to happen and you stop making excuses. Stop making excuses, like you’re too tired to do something. Hold yourself to your commitments. If you told yourself yesterday, you were going to eat better and exercises….DO IT. If you need to get a book edited or a master collection put out for the world….DO IT. Life is never going to bring you success, if you aren’t willing to work towards the finish line. We are just not that special.

What does your finish line look like today?

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