Built up, don’t tear down!


To write a book is a feat in itself. To publish it for the world is even harder. The author is the creative mind behind the tales, we enjoy. Whenever a person picks up a book, they are reading a story from a person somewhere else in the world, or once in the world. The author has gifted the reader, you, with a glimpse into their mind. It may be a story you enjoy very much. Or a tale, you would have rather never known. It is worth noting, an author is human. There are moments inside a story, where a grammatical error occurs. It may even be a grammatical error accepted by the world, i.e. Till – correct version ’til. The fact is it happens.

As a reader, you may not be aware of the processes in publishing a book. You may think it is all the same. And, you would be mistaken. When you publish a book on a self-publishing platform, the author is left to do all the groundwork his/her self. Sites publish these books just as they publish the ones from big name publishers. However, the author has to take care of the editing on their own. Think of it like buying from a farmer’s market versus buying from a large supermarket chain. Books written by authors who self publish have a higher chance of having errors.

I, myself, prefer to be contacted when an error is found. I write as a hobby – Though, I would jump on any opportunity to make it a career. It is just a hobby. I would rather have someone tell me I’ve made a series of errors in a book, than to post it. It is easy for me to reread my work, correct the errors, and republish the work. However, a comment I cannot alter. I can only hope the many of readers looking for something different will bypass the comment and give my book a chance.  I can pray more readers will leave comments to allow for this person’s comment to fade away. But, as a fairly unknown author, it makes it hard to overcome. I am sadden by this person’s comment because of the ease it is to correct. A spelling error is one of the easiest things in the world to fix. A permenant comment is impossible.

For anyone reviewing any thing, it is far better to reach out to the person or business directly than to leave a negative comment. Negative comments; though sometimes justified, are terrible for business. They destroy a company or end a career without regard. And, the worst part, they are permanent. So, even if the issue has been resolved, the comment is still present for another person read and make a judgement. We live a high efficient technological world, where comments to destroy a business or an artist are not necessary. Now, if after you comment, you get no solution; by all means, review away.

My information is at the end of all my works. My email is present on this blog. Messages are available through the social media accounts that allow for direct messages. I am far more indebted to the people who take the time to point out errors via this method, rather than those who leave comments. And, if I have your contact, I can send you an updated version to make up for the errored one you purchased. To me, this works far better than leaving a review on my page with a negative comment.

Help support us, unknown authors, rather than tear us down. Use the tools available at your fingertips to point out what is clearly errored in a piece of work, rather than leave a comment on someone’s work because you feel entitled to do so. Isn’t there enough negative in the world? Where’s the support for our authors and artists alike who struggle to work dead end jobs and push out their work to fans in hopes of getting a small piece of positive recognition?

We all deserve happiness!

P.S. The book has been edited and corrected as of 6/4/2017….so, the comment now stands to look wonky.



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