Weekly challenge – Friend

Weekly photo challenge – friend

A friend can come in many forms. A friend is a being, animal or human, that comes to us in our good times and negative ones. It is a spiritual bond we lean on to pass life with.

For my photo entry this week, I offer my husband. We met during high school. I was the older sister to a rambunctious brother, Maurice, with friends off my radar. I never thought for a second this little guy hanging around the house would be my future husband. I went about my older sister ways thinking I was too cool for them.

Joe would pop in and out of my life. He was there for my 23rd birthday (see the first picture). Then, the accident happened. My husband was the drunk driver of a car that killed his good friend, Andrew. Now, you can say, they were young and both were drinking. You can even say, Andrew failed to put on his seat belt. None of that matters, because the decision to drive was solely his. He got behind the wheel, lost control of the car, and his friend paid the ultimate price with his life. They hit a tree on the passenger side. Andrew flew up and hit his head on the sun roof.

Andrew a pre-med, amazing person, lost his life that night in June. This came just a couple years after my brother, Maurice, lost his life in an accident less than five miles away from this accident. Maurice died from actions he choose. He bent down to pick up a CD from the passenger side of the car, in the middle of a curve. He hit a school bus. Luckily no one else was hurt, except for my brother.

I tell you this story, not to cause you to feel sorry. Andrew and Maurice’s passing were tragic for friends and family. Yet, they are the very reason why Joe and I have come together. Joe received a 10 and a half year prison sentence because of his choices that tragic night. Where much of the world turn it’s back on him and believes him to be come kind of evil villain, solely because he is an ex-con, I find him to be the most genuine and compassionate person. Our relationship began as a pen pal. We wrote letters to each other during times when we were most vulnerable. My brother’s ten year anniversary of his death was coming around. I was struggling with my grief. Joe was there to give me support and help me to remember the good things. I did not have to focus on the pain of the lost, anymore. I could focus on the fun times we all shared with him. That is where I found my soulmate and best friend.

Today, Joe has completed his prison sentence. A day never passes that we are not grateful to be the two standing on this side of death. We get to laugh and share our memories of high school and those we once knew. We are truly each other’s best friend. Picture below is a present day picture of us, taken a little over two months ago.

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