You Never Know What You Do Not Try

It is easy to dream. You close your eyes to imagine the world different than it is. You can be or have anything you desire while you are in this state of imagination. Though, reality may be vastly different – who are we kidding, it is vastly different! You have goals to be in a different place some time in the future. Yet, your current life practices are not leading you towards your dream goals. You have a goal of retiring early. Yet, you make no changes to your living pay check to pay check. Sure, you can wait around until you get a lucky break or a windfall.

Your situation doesn’t change without you adding something different into your present. Perhaps, you have been thinking of a different way to do business – only you have had no motivation to go beyond the concept. Or perhaps, you have fear of putting yourself out there to fail. Maybe you fear being rejected. There are lots of reasons to stay where you are. Money is not there. No time. No energy. The list of excuses are endless.

Who successful has a story to offer without a struggle or failure before?

Failure provides knowledge. If you fail, at least you tried. Maybe you fear being laughed at. People area already laughing at you. It will be no different whether you are successful or remaining the same. With social media having constant access into your life, people have the chance to view your life to judge you without being face to face. The jealous ones can hide behind a computer and wish your failure only because they are not strong enough to go for their happiness. The evil ones have a chance to keep their evil concealed. But, there is good where there is negative. There is a chance where you make it available. Your life is in your own hands. People are going to have their opinions of you no matter if you fail, remain the same, or succeed.

Succeeding feels best for you – if that is a want. If landing a good job with a positive company is your goal – that’s perfectly fine! Your life is what you design it to be. Others are not in control of you unless you allow them. And if you allow them, the world will accept that challenge to beat you up and kick you while you are down. It will never stop kicking you while you are down. That is why you have to fight for your happiness against all the opinions of the haters or critics behind the scenes. You have to risk what you believe to be fear worthy, in order to find happiness in your own life.

We will never know if we are here once or many times until our deaths – though we may have beliefs in an afterlife. This is your life right now. On this date and time, where you are on the scale of happiness? Don’t you think you have you put off your happiness for long enough? You have worked hard to get to where you are today. It is time you started working towards bringing in your happiness in line with your present life. Nothing is fully accomplished in a day. It will take time. It will be hard on some days. If you allow it, today can be your first of many days of working towards your happiness. Don’t worry, you will make mistakes. You will fall down at times. You will find that negative reason not to continue. That fake friend will rear its head every time you gain towards your goal. Keep going. Don’t let that friend or that failure stop you. You are your own person. You will find better quality friends as you move along. Let go the ones and experiences not worth keeping your attentions. Keep your head up, and just keep going!

You deserve happiness.

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