Be nice to people.

What is happiness when you know so much pain? Pain is the factor inside a life that can cancel out any progression towards happiness. If you are in pain, you cannot feel happiness at the same time. Pain takes over and robs you of everything. Pain can be emotional and physical. You can feel it when you are at your highest high or lowest point in life. Though it does not have to define you.

The best way is to not keep those people close to you that are negative. You bounce ideas off a negative person, they are going to tell you not to do it. Bounce an idea off a successful person, and they are going to give you real-time advice. They aren’t going to tell you no. They are going to hit you with the information you never thought of. A negative person cannot give you advice, and quite frantically, it’s frustrating as hell to deal with them.

  • I have an idea….
    • I think you should stay focused on your life….
      • I really don’t think you are qualified to give me advice like this.
    • I want to do this….
      • Probably not a good decision…
        • Yeah, you’re right, I’m going to do it anyway though.
      • I found someone…
        • They aren’t worth your time…
          • Yeah, but they are.
        • Check out my new site…
          • I’m not even going to bother supporting you because it is just going to be another failure…
            • Hey, I just became successful.
          • Can you help me….
            • I’m busy right now…
              • It’s okay, I figured it out.
            • I called to share my day with you….
              • Hang on, I got a beep…
                • I’ll call someone else.
              • Hey, everyone can you like my new page….1000 friends/followers
                  • At least, I got 21 people out there.
                • I don’t agree with you or your opinion on this topic
                  • BLOCK – (I need someone to feel powerful over).
                    • Offended and confused, but it’s cool. If you ever unblock me, I’ll block you back to keep you from changing your mind.
                  • I got an idea for a new business…
                    • Me too….and it’s your idea…
                      • I’ll think of another one and keep it from you.
                    • Haven’t talked to you in a while, just wanted to see how you were doing?
                      • Who is this?
                        • THE BOOGIE MAN … (You’re not worth me remembering either)

These are examples of why you don’t keep negative people around you. At no point in any of the above examples do you feel positive about the interaction. If anything, you feel frustrated as hell. The person you are engaging with is not able to be a good supporter. They are self-absorbed or just not a fan of yours. When you are making changes in your life it is easy to get stuck believing your enemies make you stronger. They don’t. They get in your way.

Take a successful billionaire – how many times have you heard someone coming out of the woodwork to sue them? That is not a person who is friends with the billionaire. That is a person who feels entitled to what they have. (There are rare occasions where the person is wrong; but, most of the time, it is just a way for them to get free money). I had that idea first. Where’s your proof? I don’t have it. Then, you didn’t have it first. Oh, I did, and I am going to sue you any way I can. Interesting.

Every moment of progress, someone is going to be there to be jealous. That is not a good friend. That is not someone you want to keep around you. That is an enemy. Better to recognize them as such and get them out of your life. An enemy can only know what you are doing if you let them. If you refrain from giving them access, they can’t tear down your success.

It is wrong advice to keep a negative person around you. Get them far away from you. Stay focused on the people who support you. Distance yourself from the people who can’t or won’t support you. It’s not your fault they are nasty, they are just going through something right now. Pray for them. Don’t stop being focused on your happiness.

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