Re-humanization of the ex-con

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Happiness is not only deserving of those of us who have never ventured on the other side of the law. It is meant for everyone. When did we stop caring about another’s rights to the pursuit of happiness? One of the areas we fail the most in is with our men/women/children who have found themselves convicted of a crime. Nevermind the reasons behind the crimes: Like an unsupervised child goes into a store and steals a candy bar – that’s a criminal. Or a child who is not correctly taught to become a productive member of society becomes a gang member out of need. We just so heavily individuals at their worst rather than help build them up. A lot of our prisoners or ex-cons are there more so because of their lack of money or connects and not because of their choices.

Have you missed the countless people who are making the news from being exonerated based on actual evidence? Not to mention all those evil “eye-witness” accounts of crimes for pay. There are people sitting behind bars today because someone saw an opportunity to get a large payout – and not because they actually witnessed the crime. These individuals are never going to come clean because they would have to repay the money and risk imprisonment themselves.  How do you handle these situations? STOP OFFERING PAYOUTS FOR INFORMATION. STOP MAKING BACK END DEALS WITH PEOPLE OFFERING TIME OFF FOR INFORMATION OR THE RELEASE FROM ALL WRONG-DOINGS FOR THE TRADE FOR INFORMATION. Okay, then, some of our worst crimes would never be solved.  There is good within every evil, you can say.

Employers background check applicants have gotten out of control. Where’s the forgiveness? An employer requires an applicant to share their worst moment in time for a position that only requires the person to answer the phone or have basic computer skills. Nevermind this person may be most qualified, they won’t get past the checked box to ever meet them. Thus making the burden harder on us all when this applicant is forced to apply for food stamps and section 8 housing. Hey, it’s cool – we can all cover the bill with an estimate of 50 million currently dependent upon its taxpayers, us.

We force sex offenders to register for life because of our fears. Though everyone listed on these is not a true sex offender. Someone who is 18, in high school, and has a 16 or 15-year-old sweetheart, gets convicted of being a predator. They are only 3 years older than their sexual partner. Yet, a 60-year-old woman or man can look upon an 18-year-old woman or man inside the porn world. Tell me something, what’s the difference between an 18-year-old and a 17-year-old?  There is nothing but a year’s difference. You cannot look at someone who is 18 or 17 and tell them apart. Our law tells us this is the marker. Although, an 18-year-old is not even allowed to drink. They are given until 26 to get off their parents’ insurances – why, because they are still finding themselves. The human brain does not fully develop until age 25. Yet, we see this person who committed a crime of sleeping with their sweetheart as a monster for the rest of his or her life, rather than review the current method and make better? This is a terrible situation for anyone who finds themselves here. Meanwhile, the true predators are free to look upon “teen” porn in safety of the law or worse pay for sexual favors by way of getting the girls and boys heavily intoxicated and taking advantage of their ignorance.

Not only do we make employment almost impossible, we prevent them from voting. Why would you want to do that? You would want to prevent a person who has just seen what we do in our worst times from voting out those politicians who created those systems. Is it not wrong that taxpayers must pay for PRIVATIZED prisons, companies who the sole product is humans? Nevermind that our burdens could be reduced if we did away with the private contractors who supply food and private prisons. Nevermind that our prisoners are able bodies (who could be working for companies as phone operators or assemble products for true wages). Then, we could have half their income go towards their boarding. The taxpayers could save millions and the inmates could come out with monies to start a new life. Not to mention, they could pay taxes on their income.

(Disclaimer: there are true people to fear inside the prison system. There are real dangers, that these laws and methods were originally put in place to protect us from. Though it is getting out of hand, that does not discredit the true threats that are present. And, no system is perfect).

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