Stand Your Ground Law in Florida

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Stand your ground law was supposed to be for those rare occasions when you were faced with a threat to your life, an armed robbery; mask murderer; and but not limited to, a rapist. What is now happening is people are taking it too far, and something should be done to protect the innocent lives that are being taken by stupidity. Are we a lawless country now, where individuals can take the law into their own hands?

A man shot his neighbor over dog poop in Miami-Dade County. For those who are not familiar with this area, Coral Gables and Kendall areas are considered a “nice” area (with respect to dangerous or poor areas, I suppose). The average home price ranges from $200k to millions. This is the definition of a tropical paradise. When you take a drive down the main street (Old Cutler) you find yourself amongst some of the wealthiest homes tucked back just beyond the natural-scaped manicured lawns.  The Banyan trees provide shaded passages as you drive towards the corridor’s circle. A beautiful drive, if you ask me.

This is where a man killed another over dog poop. I find this so hard to understand. A life was taken because of threat by dog poop. Sure, the evidence has been stated a knife was drawn by the other man – but, how did it get that far in the beginning. Let me try to get this straight:

A man (Omar Rodriguez) is at his son’s home (apparently this is where he lives too). He sees a neighbor (Jose Rey) walking his dog towards his son’s lawn (Now there are sidewalks in most neighborhoods in Miami, so let us assume he’s on the sidewalk). The dog gets a smell of something that triggers his bowels to release the poop.

Pause: There aren’t knives being drawn here, nor are there guns. So, what changed?

(We have to assume something happened logically to cause Rodriguez to approach Rey, right? Let’s assume Rey forgot bags and was leaving the dog’s poop on the man’s lawn). Okay, so the man is in the wrong for not being a responsible dog owner. That’s when Rodriguez has the option to choose responsibly: He could call out to the man to tell him to pick his dog’s poop up. The man declines, he could pick the poop up and toss it in the man’s yard. Or….Or, spray the poop til it dissolves into the ground. Or at WORST (exaggerating the word here), he could pick the poop up and dispose of it.

What happens, an argument occurs. Egos are flaring. A knife is pulled (assuming Rey pulled his first because of that is the only way this is self-defense)…..

Pause: Does Rodriguez have the gun on him? Or does he have to run back inside to retrieve the gun? That that point, why not lock yourself inside – the threat is gone. You could even call the cops to report the knife pulling, I guess.

Unfortunately, the law says a person can use deadly force when they “Feel” their life is being threatened. Though, I’m not sure how much of this is going to work when it comes to the facts of this case. Without Rodriguez having the gun on his persons at the time, it is hard to see where he had “self-defense” at his own home when the man is just walking his dog. Though, there is another fact that I question if he had the gun on him….does he always carry guns on him or did he pull it out specifically to bully the man who’s dog just pooped on his son’s lawn?

There are many, many cases like this where tempers have gotten out of control and the civilian duty of walking away doesn’t exist because people feel empowered to end someone’s life during a disagreement. How many more people have to lose their lives until we alter this law to keep citizens protected, not bullies allowed to kill whomever that crosses their paths?

I’m all for owning firearms to protect your family, as the law provides. Though, I do believe this particular law needs some attention – and fast.




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