Become The Change



Those words mean so much for a person looking for purpose in life. It is easy to voice opinions on our social media accounts about this and that. It is only when you take action towards change can you say you are doing something to make a difference. It is not the internet bullies that are shaping our countries, it is those individuals who are working hard to pass the necessary obstacles to take on the justice system or the education system or any system they believe needs to be changed. It is not you or I who sit back with our uneducated, limitedly informed positions. It is the men and women giving it their all to make changes.


  • A man/woman convicted of a crime incorrectly did not have a chance until someone decided to take a stance.
  • Women were not permitted in the USA to vote until someone decided it was time to fight.
  • African Americans were not freed until someone took a stance.
  • Same sex is honored in marriage because someone fought for it.
  • Birth control and Abortion is a woman’s right to choose because someone one fought for it.
  • The United States of America was not formed until someone took a stance.
  • Our ability to use computers did not happen without someone decided to take a stance.

We live in a time where we enjoy a lot of freedoms fought by people who decided to be the change the rest were not strong enough to be. Some paid with their lives. Some were small on the scales of change. Yet, here we are able to argue over PC with freedom of our opinions because someone believed this would make us a better nation. Our life has been built upon the backs of those fighters who believed in a world different than they were seeing it.

That is why I encourage each of you to be the change you want to see. You do not have to give in to the norm because it is how it has always been. You do not have to settle for your life because you do not know how to change it. You can start with yourself. You can make the necessary changes to be different than the next person. You can set life goals to change your immediate life towards the difference you want to see. You can do anything you put your mind too.

This is not about racism or hate crimes. This is about making a difference that stances to positively affect the rest of us. Taking a gun and shooting up a people or police is not the answer. Arguing on social media about politics doesn’t matter if you don’t vote. Telling your story to make a difference when you carry around hate is not the change we want to see. It is about getting yourself into a position to make a positive difference towards a better tomorrow. It is not about you, it is about us. What is best for us all after you have gone.


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