Take Two to Begin Again

starting line

Our lives can get crazy hectic if we allow them. We can overrun our emotions with panic and hostile conversations. We can find ourselves in a state of fear through filling out times with news and conversations about the world’s doom. We can find ourselves cutting people off and shutting the world out. And without meaning to, we find ourselves back in the place where everything is negative with little hope of it turning around.

That is when we need a break.



Go at it again.

Then, you can restart your day and your focus on positivity. Break down the defensive walls and keep your eyes on positivity. That is how you break the mold of this never ending painful spiral into the negativity abyss. Start back at zero. Wake up with a thought of being grateful for living. As you progress through your morning routine, tell yourself about the things you are grateful to have currently. Keep your focus in the now. One step in front of the other.

Then, when negativity hits you….you can turn the other check or look the other way (whichever works best for you at the time). Life is not supposed to be a torturous journey through a lifetime. There are too many signs it is supposed to be enjoyed. Why else would you have eyes, ears, mouths, and brains? You are supposed to experience life. That comes with ups, downs, setbacks, victories, and mistakes. Hey, that’s okay. We are all human. We all make mistakes. None of us know what is to come until it has passed. That’s the beauty of life.

Remember your happiness and stay focus. If you have gotten off track, begin again.

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