Weekly photo challenge – corner

Weekly photo challenge – corner

For this week’s photo challenge, I share a moment when I thought my life was over. Imagine yourself in the state of mind you are heading to bed. You turn off the lights, as you always do. You head into your room, as always. As you begin to drift off, you hear some strange noises in your kitchen. At first, you brush those off to be the a/c or a random animal on the roof. Then, you hear movement that cannot be brushed off.

A flash of your life comes over your body. It is in this moment you feel it’s all over. But, you know you have to go check out the noise. You crawl out of bed. There are no weapons close enough to save you. You flick on the hall light hoping to scare off whatever spirit or perpetrator has entered my dwelling. That didn’t stop the noise. Now, you have to go investigate. Imagine what you would do, if you look down the stairs to find an unfamiliar bandit¬†peaking around the corner at you.


My mom happens to find this kind of stuff entertaining. I find it earth shattering. After I peed on myself, I was able to find the humor. However, this was NOT funny at the time.

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