Check with your State’s Treasury


If you live in the United States of America and watch television, you probably have seen the commercials talking about checking your name against the unclaimed funds with your state’s treasury department. Who thinks about it past that, huh?   I certainly never have. I brushed past it like everyone else, has. Until I was bored the other day and decided to give it a try. I discovered in two different states I had money sitting around waiting for me to claim because of an old address I forgot to forward when I moved.

It cost nothing to look up. It’s your money sitting with your state’s treasury system waiting for you to claim. Truly worth looking into.

I can only advise on the states I know LA and FL. However, all states have them.



Other states, you want to google the state’s treasury. There is always an area for you to find unclaimed property. That is where you want to start. From there, you put in your last name, City, or any information that will help it pull up the information specific to you. Perhaps, it comes back you have no funds out there. Try to look up relatives. You may be the last living relative of a family member who has money sitting there to be claimed. Or you may find family members who have insurance policies or tax refunds never claimed you can help them to get their money.

You will need a SSN (social security number), email, and a mailing address to verify the claim is valid. This is to stop people/fraudsters from claiming the random property as their own.

At the very least, you can check it off that you know your state does not have money owed to you.

When I did it, I found I had money owed to me in both states. I also found a couple family members and friends who had money sitting out there. It may not be some long lost relative that pays you millions…or maybe it is.



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