Weekly photo challenge – focus

Weekly Photo challenge-Focus Meet Neauxla (Pronounced No-la). This peaceful puppy is shear evil with an angels face. I share this for this weeks blog post. I came to take her while my brother was away for a week. In the beginning, my focus was doing a good job enough to have my husband wish for … Continue reading Weekly photo challenge – focus

You Never Know What You Do Not Try

It is easy to dream. You close your eyes to imagine the world different than it is. You can be or have anything you desire while you are in this state of imagination. Though, reality may be vastly different - who are we kidding, it is vastly different! You have goals to be in a … Continue reading You Never Know What You Do Not Try

The dreaded student loan crisis of today!

To achieve happiness, the dreaded finances have to be addressed. Sure, you can ignore some of the mounting debt collectors lurking around your door. Some will even go away. Though, things like Student loans will NEVER leave. It has long since been known student loans are out of control. Why would they not be? You … Continue reading The dreaded student loan crisis of today!

Weekly Photo Challenge – order

Weekly Photo Challenge - Order At one random thought, I had the brilliant idea of making my own soap. Though it turned out great, I soon realized to sell it would require a miracle. So, I lined them up to offer them away for my friends and family. This was the picture I took to … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – order

Weekly challenge – Friend

Weekly photo challenge - friend A friend can come in many forms. A friend is a being, animal or human, that comes to us in our good times and negative ones. It is a spiritual bond we lean on to pass life with. For my photo entry this week, I offer my husband. We met … Continue reading Weekly challenge – Friend

Built up, don’t tear down!

To write a book is a feat in itself. To publish it for the world is even harder. The author is the creative mind behind the tales, we enjoy. Whenever a person picks up a book, they are reading a story from a person somewhere else in the world, or once in the world. The … Continue reading Built up, don’t tear down!

The Finish Line

Happiness is selfish. It is not your happiness, I concern myself with. It is my happiness. Why would I care if you are happy, if I am happy? The truth is most of us are too busy making excuses and being offended by things to occupy our boredom to keep from having to work towards … Continue reading The Finish Line